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I have created a variety of ways in which you can access my one-on-one coaching if you have an injury, have concerns about the possibility or simply want to improve your approach to avoid problems in the future*. Once you have decided upon which suits you best, please click on the relevant PayPal button and I will email you to set up dates, etc.  For playing coaching/lesson fees, please refer to the Coaching & Lessons page.
If you are not sure which one is right for you, feel free to get in touch and I can help you choose the most appropriate session.
Package 1:  Online (Skype/FaceTime) Assessment + Helpful Hints                                        
                       I will look at how you play, ask you searching questions about other factors surrounding your playing/lifestyle and                                                          recommend some fundamental changes or adaptations as required.
Package 2:  Online (Skype/FaceTime)  2 Sessions - Assessment and Follow-up + Exercises
                        I will look at how you play, ask you searching questions about other factors surrounding your playing/lifestyle and give                                                  you specific exercises to remedy any potential issues.  A follow-up session is then booked (within 30 days of the first) to                                                ensure any recommendations are being applied effectively. 
Package 3:  Pre-Injury/Existing Injury Concern: 1 x In-person session at my studios + 2 online                              follow-ups  
                       I will look at every aspect of your playing approach and any external factors and come up with a 'plan of action' to suit                                                 you and your specific needs. The first online follow-up is to be done within 14 days and the second should be taken                                                     within 30 days of the first follow-up.
Package 4:  Existing Injury or Rehab:  1 x In-person session at my studios + 2 online follow-ups
                             If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself with an injury that affects your drumming, I will make detailed                                                                  assessments of your injuries and look at all contributing factors - whether playing related or not.  I may well make                                                          recommendations for professional medical support for you, if appropriate.  I will provide you with exercises, technique                                                changes and recommendations to help you regain or attain pain-free playing.  Any exercises given must be applied as                                                directed and the online follow-up sessions are there to support your recovery*.
Package 5:  Personal session at the venue of your choice (up to 2 days*) - Open Objective(s)
                       I can offer the exclusive option of travelling to you and assessing your playing needs and/or injury concerns.  We will                                                   discuss beforehand exactly what needs to be looked at and your goals, etc.  You will be responsible for providing adequate                                       facilities and environment which we can discuss prior to the session.  The fee shown assumes UK mainland only - please contact                                 me for overseas options.
                   * Does not include hotel/overnight stay expenses
     Please note: I am NOT a medical professional and any advice or exercise given to you is based upon my extensive           knowledge and experience in this area. I cannot guarantee that my approach will 'fix you' regardless of the issue(s)             involved. If you have existing injuries or concerns, I highly recommend you seek medical advice.  However, be aware           that it is highly unlikely that any medical professional you interact with will have the same level of understanding                 when it comes to playing drums or percussion.
                                    Skype and FaceTime are brands owned Microsoft Corporation and Apple Inc., respectively.
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