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Having lessons with Martin completely transformed my playing. Initially I came to Martin as I was having trouble with pain in my hands and back but what I got out of it was much more than just pain relief. His approach to technique is highly detailed; by putting these techniques into practice my playing went from janky and painful, to fluid and painless! If ever I have a problem with technique or drumming concept, I have every confidence that I can go to Martin and he will be able to identify the issue and show me a way to eliminate it.
Thank you Martin!

- Will P 



"I had 'broken hands' and severe RSI when I met Martin and also postural and technique issues.  Martin's techniques meant I re-evaluated my whole approach to drumming.  Martin was a massive help in doing things correctly and has enabled me to be mindful and adopt the right approach to my drumming.  I would recommend Martin to anyone as he is a great teacher."

- Jungle Drummer

“After many years of drumming and teaching I had been avoiding an underlying issue which if left, I believe would have most likely resulted in quitting!  That bad!!! I read an interview in Drummer Magazine about Martin and his Pain Free Drumming course and decided to sign up!  After the first session I noticed that using the techniques and exercises Martin showed me, I felt that something could be done!  If you're in pain, I would highly recommend you see Martin!  I'm feeling positive and looking forward to many more years playing ahead!!”

-  Ollie T 

"As a result of Martin's advice my drumming is much more relaxed and I feel that my playing has improved tremendously in a short space of time.  Martin is thorough, friendly and expert.  He speaks from first hand experience which I believe is very important especially when dealing with drumming related injuries.  I can recommend him to anyone looking to find a more relaxed approach to drumming and certainly to anyone suffering from pain whilst they are playing drums.  He is also a fabulous drummer in his own right and one of the most highly respected teachers in the U.K., which definitely adds to the overall experience.”

-  Mark Y 

As a long-term sufferer of various repetitive strain injuries including tendonitis, tennis and golfers elbow it was always very difficult to gain a real understanding of how my behaviour would ultimately affect how I felt on the kit. I had been told generally by physios that my problems lay in playing too much, followed by a specific muscle stretch or exercise that would ‘cure’ my issues and with the recommendation of “play less”. This didn’t work too well for me and didn’t seem to make much sense, disconnected from the reality what we do - play drums.


One of the best things about seeing Martin is that he gets it - what being a working drummer entails. This is based in a deep interest in the subject, and in the many years of personal experience of a gigging drummer, who has had to deal with drumming related injuries. Also, he looks at the whole picture, which is a rare trait as a teacher. Not only how long you’re playing for but the way you’re playing, your emotional state, and your daily habits, which all contribute enormously to your playing and any injuries you could potentially, in the future, sustain. Getting real practical advice about how to play healthily, and stay healthy in the future is invaluable. Martin has remained supportive of me to this day.


For me certainly, in a short space of time I have become far more aware of these things. He has such an individual insight into natural playing that along with becoming more aware of my habits and tensions involved in injury, I’ve also become a technically far better drummer altogether.


Although I’m not altogether past my injuries, I now have a realistic understanding of all the factors involved in it. And more importantly I now feel hopeful in my prospects of being able to do something I love into the foreseeable future, whereas before I felt desperate. I’d urge you to try a lesson with him, as for me it not only changed my drumming, but also my outlook.

- Casey C

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