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How much do you value your drumming future?

In recent months I have been contacted by many people with concerns about their 'drumming health' - whether it be wrist problems, back pain, shoulder stiffness and a whole host of other issues. Whilst this might appear good for me on one level, I have found it interesting and, I have to say, rather frustrating that as soon as I mention charging for my expertise and time, most of these enquirers appear to decide that they'll carry on with how they are and not pursue a solution.

This seems strange to me, particularly when the initial enquiry will often cite having tried other avenues previously; such as osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors and so on.

Did these drummers get these services for free? I very much doubt it.

Did these practitioners offer a successful solution? Evidently not, otherwise why contact me.

So, I would ask you this question: If you are able to solve problems you have by engaging with someone who can offer tried and tested holistic techniques, coupled with a deep knowledge of drumming and all that entails; would you not wish to pursue that option rather than spend your hard-earned cash on inappropriate, generic and ultimately, ineffective 'high street' methods?

Of course, I'm biased, but as the title suggests: how much value do you place on your ability to continue drumming in the long-term?

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